Basketball Rules

All Games Begin On Time

If a team is not ready to play at the start time, the opposing team receives 2 points for each minute that the team is late. Those points must be added to the score before the game begins so that both teams agree on the number of points that must be added.
When time has expired (next game must start on time too), games will end and the current score will be the final score for that game.


All Players must be registered online before playing (no exceptions). Players can register online at or
No player can play on more than one team during the playoffs.
In order to play for a team in the playoffs, a player must have played in a minimum of 3 games with that team during the regular season. If a player on the opposing team is not eligible to play and your team wants to protest the game, you must tell the other team that you plan on protesting the game in order to give them the opportunity to rectify the problem and avoid a forfeit.

Number of Players

This is a 4 on 4 basketball league. Ideally, a team should have 6 or 7 players show up for each game.
Teams should never have less than 4 players. We have an excellent online system which provides substitute players on demand. There is no excuse to show up short a player in this league.


You are your own referee; please keep calls fair.

Particular League Rules

Sportsmanship and a great attitute is the most important thing in this league. If you are an extra competitive player who isn't fun to play against, please stay home and find a league where that's acceptable.


In this league, fouls are strongly discouraged. Safety and fun are the most important thing. Do not drive towards the defender to get them to foul you. Do not play defense by forcing an offensive foul. Basically, never foul anyone or try to make them foul you. If there is an accidental foul, call it whether it's on you or the opponent. When a foul is called, the call stands. Don't argue it. There are no free throws in this league. Instead, the offensive team takes the ball at the top of the offensive zone and checks it in.

Putting the Ball in Play

At the beginning of the game, there is a tip off. After that, the possession of the ball goes back and forth for any jump balls or to start the second half. If there is a play stoppage in your own half, take the ball out as you normally would from out of bounds. If there is a play stoppage in the offensive zone, check the ball in from half. (Once the ball is checked in, the first movement of the ball must be a pass like passing the ball in from out of bounds.)


If a player is tired during play, he can sub off at any time provided there is no advantage whatsoever in doing so. For example, if someone subs off and the opposing team wants to match up differently against the new lineup, the play should stop as soon as the team that subbed off has possession so that the opposing team can adjust accordingly. Each time you sub off, you have to let everyone know that you're doing it and play should stop, if necessary, once your team gains possession of the ball.


We do not play with free throws since fouling is strongly discouraged. We do play with a 3 point line though. Please see the convenor to clarify where the 3 point line is if it isn't clearly marked.

Over and Back

We use a floating line for over and back. Once the offensive team has crossed the centre line, they can go all the way back to the volleyball attack line on their own side before being called for over and back. (This is to give a team more space.)

Shot Clock

There is no shot clock, however, teams should never try to run out the clock by keeping possession. Teams must get over half and make a play in a reasonable amount of time (about 25 seconds or less). We use the honour system.

Duration of the Game

Games consist of two 25 minute halves with a five minute break at half time. If there is enough time before the start of the next game, captains can agree to extend the length of the halves before they begin.

Rule Changes

The organizers have the right, at any time, to make changes to these rules and to the schedule in order to improve the quality of the leagues.

Playoff Ranking

Teams will be ranked overall according to the following criteria:
  1. Win percentage (tie counts as half of a win)
  2. Head to head record
  3. +/- in the games played between the teams that are tied
  4. Overall +/-
  5. My favourite team (Determined by how quickly the team enters scores after the games, how often each player on the team marks whether or not they'll be present (on their schedule), whether or not the team shows up with all of their players or requests subs when it will otherwise be short, how often the team is on time for games, how fun the team is to play against.)